Young People GBC – New Event YFC

young people

We’ve had a really  encouraging discussion with volunteers from Park, Emmanuel and New Life churches  about an opportunity for the young people of the town: Park Baptist has asked  ENYFC to help them in hosting a youth event every 4th Sunday of the month with  effect from September 2013. This will be held from 7-8.45pm, the first one being  on 29th September.

The format is to be confirmed at a later date but will  comprise fun as well as a Christian message. It will be open to all of high  school age from any church in the borough, including those who don’t go to  church and will include a cafe feel so the young people have the opportunity to  build relationships and ask questions.

We are hoping that  this will “double up” as an opportunity for the young people who went to Newday to reconnect with others they met at the camp and to build on those  relationships.

Publicity in the form  of fliers will be available in mid-September but please let your young people  know about this opportunity to meet together. It will be called yfc@park as we are hoping to hold  clubs/events at various churches in the town and we wanted to have the location  in the name to avoid confusion regarding the venue.

We  will update you with more details later but if you have any questions please  don’t hesitate to contact me or Matt.