Vision & Values


Our vision is to have a heart of passion for God.
Our vision is to have God’s heart of passion for his people
Our vision is to have God’s heart of passion for all people

We value God’s word, the Bible. We believe it is the word of God given by the Holy Spirit to encourage us, teach us, rebuke us, and correct us. We believe it is the ultimate authority to show us God’s will. We are dependent upon the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to change us into the image of Christ, enabling us to obey God’s command to be a holy people.

We value our church community.  It is our family, where we all belong.  Everyone is needed, everyone has a part to play.  We believe in a church where every member has a ministry. We value each person. We value everyone’s gifts, and endevour to build each person’s personal Christian development through encouragement and support.

We value our community
We want to reach out to people who don’t yet know Jesus Christ. We believe he is the hope of the world, and people need to hear about him and to see him in action through the love, care and commitment of his people.