The Well

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We are a caring community a place where people feel accepted, loved and valued – church in the week. We offer a range of services to bring about individual and community change. We want our church to be characterised by compassion. We work with our partners to support people with different needs – including addictions, mental health problems, debt or homelessness. Our work reflects our Christian beliefs and everyone is welcome, whoever they are.
Our services are all free to use and include a Food Bank, a community breakfast, mental health support, Alpha and a group to help with recovery from addiction working with Keys detox. We are a place where our local community can receive support, compassion and food especially for the most the most hard to reach and disadvantaged members of our local area. We aim to be witnesses of God’s love as demonstrated through acts of service and compassion. In this way church can be experienced by those who might not otherwise attend a traditional Sunday service. We offer a place of refuge and friendship to those who have perhaps fallen on hard times or who are struggling through a variety of reasons to support themselves. Many are in want of practical help, encouragement and advice to signpost them in the right direction. Others might need someone simply willing to listen to any concerns they might have. The Well, therefore, is an opportunity not only to demonstrate our own human sympathy to those less fortunate but to reflect the merciful gift of Jesus’ compassion to the Glory of God. There are opportunities to share the gospel and to pray according to each individual’s needs. An allotment area has been cultivated at the back of the church which is tended by visitors of The Well, providing a source of dignity as well as self-sufficiency The Well vision is rooted in Isaiah 51:1, “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come.” Needless to say, much organisation and dedication is required behind the scenes and every volunteer is always appreciated! There is a real sense of community and fellowship amongst volunteers and visitors alike, working alongside one another… Alongside The Well, we offer a Food bank, in partnership with other local churches. This runs on the same morning but finishes at 11.30.

We operate on:
Mondays and Thursdays 8.30 – 12.00 Breakfast is served between 9 – 11AM
Contact Liz Townson 07786952306


Foodbank donations (any type non perishing or frozen)  bedding or clothes to NR31 6LY Parking available  Mondays or Thursdays 8-12 or by arrangement 07786952306 Liz Townson