The Well Drop in Centre – By Hannah Powell

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The Well is part of Gorleston Baptist’s Church ‘Drop in’ initiative; a place where our local community can receive support, compassion and a free meal. The Well aims to help and encourage the most hard to reach and disadvantaged members of our local area by being witnesses of God’s love and demonstrating this through acts of service and compassion. In this way church can be experienced by those who might not otherwise attend a traditional Sunday service.

“By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” – John 13:35

The Well is a place of refuge and friendship to those who have perhaps fallen on hard times or who are struggling through a variety of reasons to support themselves. Many are in want of practical help, encouragement and advice to signpost them in the right direction. Others might need someone simply willing to listen to any concerns they might have. The Well, therefore, is an opportunity not only to demonstrate our own human sympathy to those less fortunate but to reflect the merciful gift of Jesus’ compassion to the Glory of God.

There are opportunities to share the gospel and to pray according to each individual’s needs and intercessory prayer in response to the ‘Prayer tree’ situated in the main hall. An allotment area has been cultivated at the back of the church which is tended by visitors of The Well, providing a source of dignity as well as self-sufficiency (some of the produce is used for the shared meal and foodbank.)

The Well is a thriving initiative to bring the community and church together whose vision is rooted in Isaiah 51:1, “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come.” The Well offers a safe and welcoming environment, receiving on average sixty people every Monday and Thursday 10am-2:30pm for a three course meal. Needless to say, much organisation and dedication is required behind the scenes and more volunteers are always appreciated! So if you feel able and have a heart for serving the less advantaged, please get in contact with Liz Townson.

There is a real sense of community and fellowship amongst volunteers and visitors alike, working alongside one another and culminating in a hot meal served at 12:30pm. Sharing food is a great way to promote and partake in fellowship with one another as well as meeting the practical needs of daily sustenance (for some this meal provides the only decent meal of the day.)

Alongside The Well, runs a local Food bank through the Great Yarmouth Food Bank scheme, in partnership with other local churches in and with the community. It remains an independent voluntary organisation which relies heavily on donations from the church, schools, individuals and local organisations such as Morrison’s who provide The Well with opportunities to promote and collect donations directly from shoppers.

With an estimated 13 million residents living below the poverty line in the UK, Food banks are vital resources to many. Emergency food supplies have reached thousands of individuals and families across the country that have fallen on hard times or have simply suffered under the rise of living costs and changes to benefits, among other underlying causes. The Well seeks to help the most vulnerable in our local area which is considered amongst the lowest 10% for national levels of deprivation. Since the Food bank launch, last March, the demand for food parcels has risen from the distribution of five boxes per week to thirty boxes per week. Each parcel contains enough emergency supplies to last up to four days and varies in quantity according to individuals, couples and families. Each food parcel aims to meet the immediate and short term needs of those in crisis.

As is often the case, money dictates what can and can’t be done and how much help and resources can be provided. Therefore, donations are essential in the upkeep of these initiatives. There are a number of ways you can show your support for The Well; by volunteering your time and skills to serve, through donation and also in prayer. Please pray for the growth and support of this work, that God’s unconditional love and grace can continue to be demonstrated through The Well.


Thank you.