Polly’s Group – August Cafe Church

Cafe Church Polly’s Cell Group

The Lord is my Shepherd John 10 verses 11-18

Cell group: Polly Ward (Leader), Steve James, Lindy and George Ottley, Andy and Rosie Wones. Thank you to our “extras”: Richard Ward for playing the keyboards, Chris on the sound desk, Marion and Theresa for preparing the communion table… The children decided that they would like “The Lord is our Shepherd” to be the theme of our Cell Group’s service. As we wanted our service to be Family orientated, we kept that in mind and involved them as much as possible! So ….. the Pompom making started! The aim was to have a pompom sheep to hand out, during the Service, to remind people that the Lord is our Shepherd and he will protect us , the sheep! Our Reading was John 10 versus 11 – 18 which was read by Rosie. As a Cell, we felt it was important to include the congregation, and the children as much as possible… quite a hard balance to achieve! We played a cartoon video about a shepherd saving one of his trapped sheep; we played a game of wolves creeping up on a shepherd who was holding a toy lamb , ( the shepherd was played by Andy) .Patrick managed to catch the shepherd’s lamb! The moral of the story, we are only human…our Lord will protect us against the predators attack. My goodness… none of us knew that Finn could play the drums! He played them , ad lib, for the “baa baa”song, the song that’s the kiddies introduced… even Polly didn’t know her son could play like that ! George “compered” during the service. Our 4 headings were… the Lord PROTECTS, the Lord PROVIDES, the Lord LEADS and the Lord SAVES. Maisie and Finn crossing the stage, showing hand made billboards with those headings. Lily (Ward) read Psalm 23 Lindy told the congregation about the characteristics of sheep in order to show people how our behaviour is akin to sheep and if we aren’t careful, if we stray from Christian beliefs we could be susceptible to the predators attack. We also had communion, led by Steve. A really special time shared by all. Steve read Isaiah 53. The monthly Building Fund collection was taken, raising £314.17. All in all… our Cell are really happy how our turn went and that we feel we managed to “round it all up”, get the message across AND do it all within the hour!