Pastor Paul – The reasons for Believers Baptism – GBC are celebrating a baptism on Easter Day

easter baptisn



Baptism as portrayed in the New Testament refers to being dipped, plunged or immersed in water. It is to be a sign of commitment to, and ownership by the Lord Jesus Christ and should be the norm for every God-honouring disciple.


Anybody who has come to the point of faith in the Lord Jesus and acknowledges Him as their only means of salvation. Baptism will never make anyone a believer in Jesus, but should follow on swiftly and naturally in the life of faith.


It was clearly the practice of the New Testament church as a sign of allegiance to Jesus, symbolising death and new life in Him. Part of the Great Commission of Jesus at the end of Matthew’s gospel includes making disciples and baptising them. Jesus Himself was baptised in obedience to His Father and as an act of submission.


As close to the point of conversion as is practically possible. Again the practice of the New Testament church was ‘believe and be baptised’, with no hint of a qualifying period being served before the individual was considered suitable.

At GBC we do not practice either infant or adult baptism, but rather BELIEVERS baptism, which within reason should not be governed by age, but rather faith and trust in Jesus Christ. If on medical grounds total immersion in water is not possible this should not disqualify a person from being baptised by another means.

Pastor Paul