Lockdown Update

This is the word of the Lord, and this is what we are praying for you during this time of Lockdown. Just because the church building is shut doesn’t mean God is or we are!

We are incredibly grateful to the local churches, who have stepped in so graciously when we have needed help, especially in the Zoom area!

We are now adapting to meeting on Zoom. Junior Church has a meeting once a week, led by Hannah, our Junior Church leader. It even reaches as far as Spain where we have one of our young people staying. Identity Youth Group is very active, with Matt Ashpole producing incredible videos every day for all the young people in the area. Two of our lifegroups meet over Zoom for prayer and study most weeks. Our Sunday meetings are a source of joy and hilarity, joy because its so good to see everyone, hilarity because it goes wrong at times and ends up quite chaotic! Chris Evans has even managed to record them! The Foodbank continues very successfully under the leadership of Liz, delivering many much needed food parcels to those in need. The prayer team under Pat cares for those who need prayer, and the Pastoral Care team, which now seems to include most of the fellowship, as the love and care shown by everyone to everyone is a beauty to behold, continues to ensure people are cared and loved. We are so grateful to God for his love and care of us, we are very aware that we are his dearly loved children, and that he truly is our loving heavenly Father, who gave his Son to die on our behalf, so that we might have life in all its fullness. We wish you peace and joy even during this time of crisis, and we lift up to the throne of grace all of you who are grieving, who are struggling, all of you who are lonely, and we pray that you may truly know that underneath you are His everlasting arms. God bless you.