JAM – Jesus and Me -Junior Church. Creation. An article by Hannah Hammond


Grand Designs

In the beginning…’ Surely the best way to start the greatest story in history. One that we are all a part of in God’s amazing plan of creation and salvation. Over the last several weeks we, at Junior church, have been focusing on the seven days of creation. It has been awe-inspiring, fearsome, majestic, wondrous and a little messy at times (this is Junior Church after all!)

Can you imagine nothing, an empty void? Absolute darkness. Even when we close our eyes, light can still filter through. We see the night sky beneath a haze of manmade lights that dull our range of vision. Imagine a place with no form, no words or sounds to shape the dark space around you? Try coming up with a sound that God has not created? It is impossible. God spoke and light entered the world. How amazing! He separated the waters and harnessed it so that land appeared, land in which vegetation, animals and people could live and thrive, within seasonal and agricultural cycles. The ecological complexities of our planet are truly awe-inspiring, where nothing was created randomly or without design or purpose. Everything, from the largest mammal to the smallest microscopic insect was carefully planned in an array of rich diversity at exactly the right time in God’s grand design – God did not create livestock before he first parted the land from the sea! Sometimes it is easy to feel the world as a chaotic mess without sense or meaning. Yet our God created order where there was seemingly none to be found, continually upholding His creation. God assures us that there is order, and meaning and that He has a great rescue plan to restore all things through the sacrifice of Jesus! Unlike many modern DIY wannabes, nothing is too chaotic, too disordered or damaged for God to fix!

The children came up with their own unique creations, from googly eyed, multicoloured birds to spotty jelly fish and crab and turtle hats! The children had a wonderful time getting messy and realising that God truly is the greatest designer of all! Just search ‘birds of paradise’ on google and you will see God’s diversity and perhaps his sense of humour too!

God, who created the mightiest sea creature, the Blue Whale at 98 feet long, Mount Everest standing at 29,029 feet, the Grand Canyon, carved from the Colorado river, and perhaps, more modestly, Breydon waters, also created you, in all your physical, spiritual and psychological complexities. It is very easy to criticise ourselves in the mirror, the bags under our eyes and wrinkles that won’t disappear despite promises from bountiful beauty manufacturers. It is harder to look in the mirror and to see ourselves as God’s masterpiece, fearfully and wonderfully made! He has made you in His image as representatives, to prosper and to care for His creation. What a responsibility He has given us! What a privilege!

It is very possible to look at a magnificent sunset or the vast beauty of the ocean and feel closer to God, acknowledging him purely through His creation. Psalm 19:1 tells us,

The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Have you ever looked upon something that has taken your breath away, such is its beauty? God looked upon His creation and called it ‘good’. Yes, we have spoiled creation in many ways, we have been irresponsible through deforestation, even causing the extinction of many species. Yet beauty and wonder is still found abundantly in this world and it is ‘good’. I can only imagine then the riches that await us in heaven!

Perhaps what is overlooked is the seventh day, the day when God rested from His work. God blessed this day, acknowledging its importance and role in creation. It is increasingly difficult in this age to sit and be still, to take in the wonder of the earth around us and to be recharged and refreshed. He has set apart a day for us, a Holy day in which to rest. Yet sometimes we need to be reminded that it is Ok to stop and to contemplate.

Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

Psalm 46:10.

Please pray for our children at GBC that they may learn, know and feel God’s amazing love for each one of them. For our children to stand in awe at the diversity of God’s creation and to understand our vital role and responsibility in caring for the planet that God so carefully and lovingly made.