History of Gorleston Baptist Church

gorleston baptist church history original building Gorleston Baptist Church is an established Congregation in the town of Gorleston On Sea, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

GBC has been running as a Church for over 130 years, it was founded in 1868 with the old Gorleston Baptist Tabernacle built in 1876.

Unfortunately it was bombed during the 2nd World War (June 1941) when a German 500lb High Explosive bomb destroyed it, the Tramways Pub and other buildings around it.

The Church was rebuilt in 1951 in its present location, with the 3 main front windows being copied from the original Church building design.

Our current Minister is Paul Smith. The most recent GBC leaders have been Richard Hughes, Graham Licence and Stanley Miller.

gorleston baptist church old new

WW2 era history of Gorleston Baptist Church

Gorleston Baptist Church is more than a building, as the Church is about the Fellowship, the Congregation and its part in the local Community – as shown in the quote below from a Gorleston old Boy.

When we were older we transferred to the Baptist Chapel opposite the library. The annual Sunday school treat was always held at Browston on Mr Bears meadow, all us children were taken there by a steam traction engine with iron wheels, pulling three gravel trucks full of excited kids with mugs hanging round their necks on pieces of string.

We thought, in those days before buses, that the ride was marvellous. We were all standing up, packed in like sardines and hanging on to each other, if one fell off the whole lot would go. I always thought that the smoke from the engine made me have curly hair! They were happy times.

The chapel was damaged in world war two and a new one built a little further along the road.

Old Gorleston By A.A. Hart

Lots more photographs and information on the history of Gorleston Baptist Church will be added soon.

If you have any information, photographs or memories of GBC in the past and would like to share them, please contact Gorleston Baptist Church.

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