Contact 2000

contact 2000 meal GBC Contact 2000  will be changing its name to The Well in September 2013 when it re-opens after the August break.  Click here to go to The Well page

What is Contact 2000? Contact 2000 is a Drop-In Centre which, whilst open to men and women from all walks of life, is primarily geared to serving the needs of those affected by addictions, mental health or homelessness.

contact 2000 free food at the Gorleston Baptist Church, Norfolk, Drop In Service

Opened in the year 2000 (hence the name), the work focuses on both the physical and emotional needs of those who attend. Visitors can have a decent meal during the course of the session. Maintaining good personal hygiene is difficult for those forced to sleep rough. The Drop-In is able to provide for the sanitary needs of our friends. A small amount of donated clothes and tins are kept on site for those in need.

Contact 2000 Gorleston Baptist Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Drop In Service and Meal

Most of the work undertaken is staffed by volunteers who are encouraged to get alongside visitors to provide a listening ear and support, as well as providing the practical assistance required to run the centre. We are essentially focused on serving the needs of the poor, the isolated and the vulnerable, but this is expressed in a number of different ways.

Contact 2000 Gorleston Baptist Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, Drop In Service and Meal Volunteers and the Cooks

The Drop-In Centre is open on Mondays and Thursdays and on Tuesdays (11.30am to 2.30pm) at our sister drop in, ‘The Bridge’ at St Mary Magdalene Church. We aim to provide a safe, friendly, Christian family atmosphere in which visitors have the opportunity to share their burdens with team members and receive whatever ministry / assistance we can provide. We have many opportunities to share our faith and, when possible, have run alpha and Y courses. We are always available to pray with our visitors.

Free food and meal at the Gorleston Baptist Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Drop In Service for our Contact 2000 visitors

Practical help offered includes; assistance with form-filling, negotiating with local authorities, attending Court, writing references, hospital or prison visiting, decorating and house tidying, buying furniture, debt relief – the list is endless.

Over the years a great many individuals and numerous organisations have supported us and to them we offer our immense gratitude.

Contact 2000 GBC visitors and Volunteers at our Drop-In Centre

Contact 2000 meal Gorleston Baptist Church (GBC), Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Drop In Service Community work

Contact 2000 Gorleston Baptist Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Drop In Service, Meal and Volunteers