Contact 2000 is changing to The Well

Contact 2000 is changing in September 2013 – both its name and its ethos (why it exists and how it works)

It will be known as THE WELL well

“Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and in their position as believers, and to inherit the kingdom which He has promised to those who love Him” (the Bible – James 2;5)


The Well is open from 11.00 until 3.00 Monday and Thursday and offers a free 3 course meal , internet access, friendship, volunteering opportunities, foodbank a quiet place to sit. prayer, etc

We are passionate about helping the most disadvantaged in our society and our main objective is to – ‘Restore dignity and self-worth to the hard to reach & disadvantaged in a way which encourages responsibility and choice’.

We’ll focus on what we do best: building friendships and offering practical care, which could mean anything from a cup of tea and a chat to taking them into our homes – we work alongside other churches and agencies in the town.

This of necessity involves preaching the gospel but it also involves acts of kindness. Lost people matter to God and therefore matter to us. We are committed to reaching people who don’t yet know Jesus Christ.

Drawing from the well of the fathers blessing and giving it away as life giving water to flow into our community.


“Those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

Volunteers and supporters play a large and vital part in the work that we do as a Church. If you have a heart for the poor and disadvantaged and maybe have a few hours to spare a month, then perhaps volunteering with us or supporting us would be right up your street! There are a number of ways that volunteers can help support the work we do and serve the amazing people we come into contact with.

Prayer– You can pray for us,. We can provide you with some specifics to guide you in what to pray for and keep you updated with progress.

Serving = opportunities exist for food prep serving clearing away

Foodbank – working with those in great need.


This is our vision to love and serve the most unloved people in the Gt Yarmouth area

This vision is rooted in the message, life and example of Jesus and his expression of God’s heart for the disadvantaged.

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come.

The ethos is brought to life by

  • Practically demonstrating the value of every individual.
  • Supporting each other in team and our spiritual growth – we cannot separate who we are from what we do
  • Sharing what we have received along our spiritual journey with those around us
  • Embracing others along the journey
  • Offering opportunities for helping with food preparation and serving

Donations– You might have items of clothing, bedding, towels, food or household items that you no longer need, that could be donated for use for clients who may have just moved into their own accommodation.

Items for the Foodbank – see list

wells of hopeWhy THE WELL

People change when they hurt enough that they have to learn enough that they want to, or receive enough that they are able to. John Maxwell

This will be our journey learning how best to help – Jesus ministered from compassion – not sympathy – there is a difference

What changes will that mean?

Partnering more with the church – this is a whole church vision

Sharing our stories

Discerning from God the best way forward

Making our church and worship more accessible to the unloved

In 2012 during the redevelopment of our building we discovered a well at the front of the church –this opened our hearts more to want to share God’s goodness with others and give them access to His Deep Love. It had been there all the time and we didn’t know it – same as God has been there for our friends and they don’t know it – we need to take them to him. We want to uncap the well of the Fathers goodness and pass it on – we are not sure how this will look, sound like or progress – but we want to do it together. We want to give access to our Fathers life giving water.

samaritan well