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We believe that our Christian faith involves making connections within the community where we are set, to offer help and support for those who need it, and to offer to the people of Gorleston and District the opportunity to discover a living faith in Jesus Christ. To this end we undertake a number of activities connecting with different people in the Town. These are part of the mission we believe God has given to us. We believe God intends us to have more of a physical profile in the town and to draw people into the building as well as to go out to where people are. Our aims are to present Jesus and His Gospel by demonstrating genuine love and help.

The Well:  Drop-In Centre

Schools: the Pastor has some contact with local schools to take assemblies and occasional RE sessions. Groups of local school-children visit the church premises from time to time as part of their RE curriculum. A number of our members are teachers in local schools.

Hospital: the District Hospital, James Paget NHS Trust is located in Gorleston, and as well as having a number of members and attenders who work there, a team of people from the Fellowship assist the Chaplains in ward rounds on a Saturday, and the Church takes its turn in providing evening worship in the Chapel.

Street Pastorate: Some of our members are Street Pastors who help young people on the streets on Friday and Saturday nights by helping to calm them down, befriend and assist as they leave the local pubs and clubs. More information on street pastors can be found at

Network Yarmouth: News and articles concerning the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Christian Community can be found here