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Lifegroups (small groups) are the lifeblood of the church; providing an environment of deepening relationships and the opportunity to care for one another. We see small groups as an important part of the Church family. This is where you will grow in your Christian faith, with love and encouragement from friends.

Lifegroups are more friendly and accessible places for new people who don’t know much about church to come and find friendship, acceptance, and the beginnings of Christian experience

Fellowship – Lifegroups promote fellowship and friendship, and give people a sense of inclusion; they are also the best and easiest way of caring for one another pastorally

Lifegroups become the place where we belong. Sunday worship remains vital as the place of celebration where we are church together. Junior Church is the Young People’s expression of this.

Several lifegroups (small groups) meet during the week.  Click here for more information.

For more lifegroup information please contact Gorleston Baptist Church, using our online form.